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Takao is used to staying up late at night.

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Lie still and rest.

She touched him on the shoulder.

Why should I lift and finger to help Pam?


Where's my hat?


The flight will be delayed because of sandstorm.

I know nothing about her except that she is a pianist.

Sorry, give us the bowl!

Do you think we'll get to the station in time?

I'm not an officer.


It's a phone call from a Mr Brown.

Can you please go for me?

Will you go to Boston next week?

This is yesterday's newspaper. Where's today's?

Kay didn't want Pratt to be in trouble.


No one has heard about this.

It was OK.

I have information for Lum.

If they find us, we're dead.

So what did you do?

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Rajendra groaned.


I will go to see him instead of you.


He likes me.


I'm going to write him a note.

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That's also irrelevant.

Would it be possible to replace a man's tooth with one from an animal?

Wayne used to be pretty.


My head doesn't ache anymore.

Are you going to go with her?

The South East region of England is densely populated.

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She was impatient to see her family.


I washed the dishes after supper.


Do you want to become famous?


I ate with my baby brother.

Tobias may have to cancel the party.

His writing is very subjective.

The fiscal austerity may lead to an overkill of the economy.

The other day he bought a wallet made of kangaroo leather for me.

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Ordinarily, urban planners do not view pedestrians as important traffic.

She gained a position of responsibility in the firm.

You seem better.

If you come to my house, I will tell you the story in detail.

Boyd didn't let Griff play with the other children.


I'd like to thank you for all your hard work.

How do you get rid of moles in the garden?

The police came and looked into all the evidence.

Who did you help?

Lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium and francium are alkali metals.

I usually have a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.

It's the law: always buckle your safety belt in cars and airplanes.

What do you want me to do now?

Shel talked to a lot of people.

You sure got fat fast.

This is the little we know.


We must have faith in the president.

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Do you want me to put that in the trunk for you?

Dan and Linda rented the top floor of a house in Glasgow.

We get a lot of snow here in winter.

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The streets are empty because a storm is approaching the neighborhood.

Kurt is a 33-year-old man.

I missed the movie. Did you see it?

Please don't order anything perishable.

Never, in my life, have I enjoyed myself so much.


Miki didn't comprehend everything.

The bright colors arrested our eyes.

Poor posture can cause many problems.

Those was the last one to go home.

A humble-looking old man was presented to the king.


There is a statue of Nelson in Trafalgar Square.

Our ladder is broken in two.

I don't have time to answer any questions.

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I must go alone.

Is Mongo nervous?

I could do nothing but stare stupidly at the printed page.

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The doctor told him to give up smoking and drinking.

I thought Everett had enough money to live on.

Did Raghu tell you what he was planning to do?


This is my friend.


Wrap the dough in clear film and chill for 15 to 30 minutes.

Now you listen to me.

What do you think they're after?

Training with them is not a game.

Takayuki knows how to cook.


Our university authorities are considering the admission of handicapped students.

He was walking to the store, but stopped next to her house.

We have to do a better job.


Equality is bad.

Marie died at home.

That student's very outstanding.

Shel hates it when Catherine asks him to explain the same thing more than once.

Mayan pyramids and large temples were built elegantly using stone tools.

I'm not able to speak so fast.

Don't you ever call Leith?

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You didn't tell me Helen had a sense of humor.


These pictures look better at a distance.

Everyone's waiting to see what's going to happen.

We'll have to sit at the back of the train.

The high percentage of oxygen makes humans feel energized and alive.

Please do whatever you want to do.

Patricia told me that it was possible to rent a bicycle.

The press always loves a good scandal.

We're grateful nobody was injured.

Try to convince her to help us.


She broke up with her boyfriend, that is why she often tries to kill herself.

We know you didn't kill her.

"Prakash, have some more salad." "I don't eat that rabbit food!"


Ken took off his headset.

I don't know what day he'll come.

It can be rebuilt.

I asked her to send us the book.

Hartmann is out back.

I'll cook something for you.

We couldn't keep up with the rest of the group.

Let's talk shop for a while.

Prakash seems anxious.

Success can only be achieved through hard work.

In copying this paper, be careful not to leave out any words.

Frogs are such marvelous creatures.

My parents are dead.

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He makes good use of the pheasants he hunts. He has a purpose for every part of the bird.

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He got his pilot's license.

In God's eyes all men are equal.

Baby owls are cute.

She is one of my best friends.

If there's no bread, just eat the cake.

Here is our guarantee.

Everybody except the Anderson family is going to the party next Thursday evening.


It isn't crazy.

The company is caught up in a serious business slump.

It's never too early to blow our own horns, just don't let it go to your head.


I must know the truth about him.


Come back soon!


Vickie refuses to buy anything made in China.


I'm depressed.


You need a reality check.

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Good morning, sleepy head.

Manuela's dresses are very elegant.

She means the world to me.


I come from Spain.

You're mine.

The tap is off.

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I like spring the best of the seasons.


I am not very good at backgammon.

She rebutted his argument.

What should I do with him?


Franklin is an accountant.

Rusty deserved what he got.

Ronald is watching figure skating on TV.

I took the lift to the third floor.

Do you have any idea when Connie plans to be here?

Don't harm them.

We have no reason to change our plans.

I have exhausted my energy.

I'm mad at myself.