She drank milk.

I lost a lot of blood.


Of all my friends, he is the closest.

Don't forget to put a stamp on your letter.

Nora got on the plane.

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Have you guys seen Craig today?

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I want them fired.

I need a spoon, a fork, and a knife. Thank you.

Seenu doesn't speak French and I don't either.

Do you want children?

I'm pretty sure we've got enough petrol to get us home.

She's five years younger than I am.

The end of the war in Europe was now in sight.

I need a girlfriend.

We have a lot of expertise in this area.

I've been waiting for you all day.

You know, when that guy drinks he changes. He keeps talking on and on, so I don't really want to drink with him.

It's really unfortunate. You don't understand at all its essence.

Yours was better.

I gave up the idea of seeing the sights of the city because of the bad weather.

What's the real reason you're here?


She patted her son on the shoulder.

Jane Austen was a British writer.

He didn't die happily.

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She's unbelievably stupid.

Does she know?

I've been stopped by the police many times.

Where did you hear them?

True friendship is priceless.

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If the weather is good, I'll go to the park.

We were on the same train by chance.

People know how handy you are to have around. You're a real jack-of-all-trades but make sure you don't turn out to be master of none.


It was rather funny.


Intuitively, the basic atomic unit of meaning is a word.

This isn't an easy thing for Wilson to do.

The garden was full of purple lilies.

Herbert's harmless.

No drugs were found.


My brother didn't like her from the start.


I thought I'd save you the trouble.

I know some most respectable people in the town.

You're not the first person to tell me that.

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He won the race once again.

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It is normal practise to contact the company's home office in these kinds of cases.

My heart goes out to you.

She misled the students.


Please don't be afraid of me.

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You should read about the careers of great men.

This is what I do for a living.

I didn't tell them anything.

They seem to make nothing of the problem.

I would go to the movies if I had the time.


Nobody noticed that she was absent until the meeting ended.

Spencer couldn't convince Claude to go home.

Must we wait for them here?


I need to talk to you in private.


We're on our way to Gideon's.


Raghu is receiving treatment.

There is much truth in that.

The more money we have, the more we want.

Danielle is white as a sheet.

We talked for hours on the phone.

That's how I feel right now.

Rev. King and his supporters were threatened.


While Fritz was picking blackberries, the thorny canes scratched his arms and legs several times. "Next time I do this," he told Radek, "I'll be sure to wear long sleeves so that I don't get so many little scratches."

Hans turned the chair upside down.

She arrived there before you.

You've quit smoking, right?

Edward inherited his uncle's property.


Taurus's dog started growling at Kirk.

I didn't have anything else to do so I thought I'd make myself useful.

You have the floor now.

I think you will approve.

They don't see the extent to which they depend on others.

He looks familiar.

Between 1820 and 1973, the United States admitted more than 46 million immigrants.

One should wash oneself.

Eduardo finished second.


Gordon should be back here soon.

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People like me.

Let's try to find where Terry hid the money.

Did you really eat everything?

Danny swallowed his pride.

Norbert isn't interested in politics at all.

Lisa bears a grudge against Stan.

You always make that mistake.

Of children we demand that they tell the truth, but why exactly of children?

The story seems to be true.

I'm really sick of this.

She was wearing a red blouse.


And, speaking of the science of Life, have you got the cucumber sandwiches cut for Lady Bracknell?

I thank you for the trust expressed in me.

The airplanes climbed very high.

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Sugih chose to resign.

Something like 80 per cent of the calories in our food goes towards maintaining our body temperature at a constant level.

You won't believe what Ramesh just said to me.

Man's skin is very sensitive to temperature changes.

He would still be alive if he had been wearing his seat belt when the car crashed.

Whatever you pick is fine.

We sent for a doctor.

Those scientists are the cream of the crop.

What will become of the child?

He helps those who have hardships in their lives.

He takes pride in his son.

Vern never told me he wanted to go to Boston with us.

Let me work in peace.

Annard's trial will continue on Monday.

Having won the lottery, she went on a shopping spree.

The businessman didn't dare withdraw from the transaction.

Memorize the poem by next week.

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She made efforts to accomplish the purpose.

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Teri explained it.

I have to change the baby's nappy.

We may not have enough uniforms.

Alf wants riches and fame.

Ken is smaller than Ralf.

Tell them to shut up.

You handled that matter well.

Sanjeev is off doing his own thing.

I'm almost sure.

You are ten times better looking than I am.

Can you find out where we go from here?

That was a waste of money.

Do you know Thomas's phone number?

You shouldn't lie to him.

My father has five brothers and sisters.

You know that woman is not just Caucasian.

We can't ignore Narendra's past.

A woman in movement clothed in what resembles a bikini is drawn on a Sicilian mosaic from 5th century Rome.

You get out only what you put in.

Do either of you know Duncan?

That's what I intend to do.

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You should be more careful with respect to how you talk to those people.

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Let's wait and see what actually happens.


Water tries to find its own level.

Evan didn't have time to watch the TV program he wanted to watch.

You're just being ridiculous.


It's like him to behave that way.

It's time for us to do something about that.

I've already spent my inheritance.


What're you reading?

Barbra looks totally confused.

I don't see any differences between the approaches of Esperantists and of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Hazel didn't know you were joking.

He said he was already more than fifty years old, fifty five, to be precise.

The cellphone is an invention we can't live without.

How much does that mountain bike cost?


We didn't get it.


Judge made this mistake intentionally.


I couldn't speak French.

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I like to give gifts.


Please remember to put out the cat before you go to bed.


He took her in his arms.


I don't want it now.

Some people say that the theory of evolution is "only" a theory but a scientific theory is something that has been proven to be true.

That's just the way it's got to be.

John picked up the articles one by one and examined them.

What's the difference between a winner and a loser?


We can't protect you.

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This is the wrong way!