You know my position.

That never should've happened.

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It looks like rain. We should close the windows.

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The question is do you know what you're doing.

What's your main reason for studying French?

Observe all warnings, precautions and instructions.


Wendy is very progressive, isn't he?

Let me show you something I found.

Oh Zeus, the farm does not provide much grain.

By the 22nd century, teleportation of large objects, including animals, became a reality.

Is that the station?

There's always a first time.

He is high in favor with the youths.

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Even though she rushed, the elderly woman missed the last train.

You're a thief.

Pat is a man who can be trusted.

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Please give me what I want.

There's no shortage of work around here.

Building turned into ashes

Sherri doesn't deserve another chance.

She watched him eat.

This school supplies students with textbooks.

I'm losing business.


You don't seem afraid at all.

Could you put these fragile things in a safe place?

He lives in a gated community.

This letter is the only key to the mystery.

She encouraged him to write a novel.

Tie him to a tree.

Miriamne doesn't want to see Jelske now.

Kanthan has finished eating.

The priest's cassock billowed gently in the wind.


I simply don't know what to tell...


I can't decode the message.

I didn't do anything to Paola.

Progress has been very slow indeed, so far as the social life of the people is concerned.

She tried to hide her mistake from us.

He did not return home till midnight.

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I promise you a third of the profits after expenses.

Greg is already a man.

What seems easy at first often turns out to be difficult.

She was put in charge of the project, despite having zero leadership skills.

The sky is big.

Those colours go well together.

Using a trap, they caught the fox.

I'm in trouble.

You've defeated him.

Did you receive his invitation?

Zoology deals with the study of animal life.

Manavendra will not starve.

Syun doesn't earn enough money to support his family.

Both Wilson and Wade were surprised.

I was disappointed.


The president left Washington in early September.

They are going on a bar-crawl.

We need to colonize Mars.

A friend of your father's friend is not always your father's friend.

He is the tallest of all boys.


This is a well-written article.

Don't worry. You can confide in me.

Who was the man killed on the hill?

You've taken the trash cans out.

I'm going to meet them there.

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You should have accepted his advice.


Telling the truth is much easier than lying.


Is Sir dangerous?

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I'm not sure that I can help you.


Do you know what AMP means?


Could you let me know when Terrence gets here?


Naresh watches TV all the time.

We'll wait here.

Would you please page Tobias Jackson?

Everything fell into my lap.

He killed the girl in cold blood just to get the money.

I need another piece for comparison.

These technical terms derive from Greek.

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Must I take this medicine?

I sold the house to advantage.

Actually, it's very easy to learn.

I believe that when people see opportunity, when they have a sense of control of their own destiny, then they're less vulnerable to the propaganda and twisted ideologies that have been attracting young people - particularly now being turbocharged through social media.

Music is an international language.


It's none other than him.

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I went home and told my wife about the job in Boston.

Don't give it away.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you're right.

A mirage is said to be an illusion.

He went to stay with his cousin.


Say grace before a meal.

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The news proved to be true.

I do not have a sister.

Isn't it possible that Phillip was the one who did this?


You made cookies, didn't you?

This is getting awkward.

Spring is the best season to visit Kyoto.

His new underpants were sensational.

I think I'll pop in on Toft and see how he's doing.

What an inspiration!

Where will Matti be?

It was discovered that less than one child in a hundred had been inoculated against endemic disease.

Where can I buy snacks?

Some tourists visiting the city of Victoria in Canada are delighted at its hints of Britishness. Victoria has even aped London's famous double-decker buses as a mode of public transportation.

Many people in the world still live in poverty.


I'm sorry you got fired.


I've never felt so exhilarated.

There were a great many people at the airport.

Mechael said that he doesn't like this color.

He seems tired.

Everyone can do better.

We're going to be here for a couple of hours.

I looked around and noticed that I was the only car on the road.

That's really what you want?

She tried hard to express herself well.

Do you think you'll ever get married?

I still don't remember calling you.


Argumentations can be analysed in terms of the signals of the writer's attitudes and judgement.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining.

The merchant seems to be an honest person.

I'm going to scare Juliet away.

Don't let Becky stay up past nine o'clock.


Christofer added wood to the fire.

We were startled at the explosion.

Suresh really enjoyed the party.


He is practically dead.

This cloth feels like velvet.

They concluded that he had told a lie.

It was irresponsible of him to break a promise.

You can't just come in here and start ordering people around.

Coleen is afraid of the dark.

You're going to lose.

That doesn't fit the pattern.

Which one would you recommend?

I can be more aggressive if you'd like.

Stock prices soared in active trading as corporations announced good financial results.


Do you understand what's happening here?


How many of them survived is not known.

Orville likes making paper aeroplanes.

That might be fun to try.


There is a discrepancy of 145 dollars in my June credit card statement.


He knows how to break the law without being caught.


The media has only discussed one thing in the last few months; the economic crisis.


That's a pretty necklace.

Baseball is a popular sport in several Latin American countries.

Would you ever consider going out with someone like me?

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He'll be back by five o'clock.

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He sent his luggage earlier.

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I need body lotion.

Could you tell me why you weren't at the meeting?

In the future, you have to get here on time.

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This is the end of the line.


I answered, "Yes, I want it."

There were points in her testimony that didn't add up.

I didn't mean them.

Among his novels, I like this best.

Did you swim?

Everything is possible.

I'd like to spend the whole weekend sleeping.

The divers are running out of air.

The two men understood one another perfectly, and had a mutual respect for each other's strong qualities.

That's not something I want to think about right now.

Poor people, don't eat each other. Eat the rich, they're plumper.