Use this!

Seen from distance, the rock looked like a human face.


Do you think Neil's behind what's happening now?


We're all unemployed.

What is the news?

Even though Jesus is quite ugly, Sanche still fell in love with him.

Has something else happened?

I'm supposed to have dinner with Pascal.

Scott needed help fast.

That's not so many.

He started laughing hysterically.

I think we should try a little harder.

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Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Darryl isn't going to leave us.

He seized on the unprecedented opportunity.

The hike was exhausting, but we had a lot of fun.

Admission by silence.

My best female friend is pregnant.

Where is my office?


This is going to be interesting.

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I am no more intelligent than he.


I bought a lot of books.

I forgot to tell you why we're asking for donations.

I know Monica is very interested in swimming.

I was saying that I didn't think that it was weird at all.

Please keep your ludicrous accusations to yourself in future.

Her father is conservative and old-fashioned.

She's jealous and possessive.


We are responsible for your protection from now on.

A cacophony is a mix of loud sounds.

I can't go back there alone.


Vern didn't mean to offend anyone.


Gregge is well off.

I play with Rubik's cube, not with Ruby's ass!

Venus gets so hot during the day that it could melt a lead cannonball. The temperature rises to 484 degrees Celsius on the side facing the Sun.

You know your old once students less and less choose you as their mentor.

Triantaphyllos humiliated Terry in front of everyone.

Thank you for saving us.

Micah is taking Don out to dinner tomorrow.

This description is too abstract.

You are taller than her.

Everybody has a scheme for perfecting the world.

And then came creeping over her face and eyes flies without wings; she winked and blinked, but they could not fly away, for their wings had been pulled off; this, added to the hunger she felt, was horrible torture.

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Don't be too hard on them.

I used to go swimming in the sea when I was a child.

Sing us a song.

Chuck and Sal didn't wait for John.

It's going fine.


The house was burned to ashes.

It is a very sad tale.

Raphael usually takes a three-hour nap in the early afternoon.

Teri put his hand on Sabrina's forehead to see if she had a fever.

I really want to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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They're clearly not happy about that.

Eddie is falling in love with Vic, I think.

We were talking that this guy I know walked by.


I'm not going to turn you in.

Piete needs to regain his strength.

Why don't you meet me at 2:30?

My stomach feels bloated.

"Hello, can I speak with Mauro?" "Yes, who's calling?"

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What would make you say that?

I should never have let him go.

There was a big gold star on the door.

Her education was so minimal that she could not even name the eight planets of our Solar System.

Mars has some of the largest volcanoes in the solar system; Olympus Mons is over 600 kilometers wide and 26 kilometers high!

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November.

I can't thank you more.

Dan realized he was in love with Linda.

He zipped his bag shut.


A pair of sparrows is building a nest on the terrace at my house.

Kamel's plan failed when it was discovered by the police.

By this age, society tells you to have ten children.

That's not so.

Due to illness, he had to give up smoking.

Steve has a lot of problems.

You knew her, didn't you?

When do you plan to leave for Japan?

My father has made me what I am.

Why? What's the difference?

I've got real feelings for you.

Del has got some decisions to make.

While there's life, there's hope.

Delavigne perfumes have acquired quite a following.

What's the exchange rate today?

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Lois accepted Frederic's offer.

Auto-destruct sequence was set.

Brian didn't see the stop sign.

She stood on her head.

He's the tallest amongst the boys.


Urdu is our mother tongue.

I asked Ragnar to stop.

You must let me in.

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It all started with a dream.

He had no other resource but to run away.

Life's unfair.


You're not even close to the right answer.

Do you feel like going skiing?

I was pleased with the rapidity with which he mastered Japanese.

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How long do you think we'll have to wait?

He averted her eyes.

On average I go to the movies three times a week.


She came into the dining room to find it empty.

You promised me to look after them.

We carry out some research into the causes of brain damage.

I saw grandfather last week.

Carlos is a fakir.


Both of them arrived at the same moment.

How many are in your party?

Can rabbits swim?

Hui was listed among the missing.

Is the central heating warm enough in the winter?

The lawyer offered his services pro bono.

I'm sorry about your loss.

All he cares about is his image.

This security system allows us to trace employees movements anywhere they go.

Let's presume you're right.

I do almost everything better than Lenny does.

I don't want to go back to prison.

I know I've been very stupid.

The came with kit and caboodle.

When did you last talk to them?

I don't understand why Ilya brought you here.

Vickie doesn't like Val telling him what to do.

That article makes fun of vegetarians.

Shamim is staying with us.

I will request references about you.

In Asian culture it's customary to take one's shoes off before entering a house or temple.

I woke up at nine.

Beware of generally accepted ideas!

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I informed her of my departure.


Julius eats fish twice a week.

The last bus having left, I had to take a taxi.

He is not qualified to take the examination.

This lady witnessed an accident at three o'clock this afternoon.

Turn your papers in.

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The moment the teacher left the classroom, it became quite noisy.


In April of 1968, Rev. King was in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Ten people were injured in the accident.


He reluctantly agreed to my proposal.

Do you know what Florian ate for lunch?

Do not forget to turn the light off before you go to bed.

He's a little goody two-shoes.

Darin asked Miriamne to go with him.

Can you manage alone this weekend?

How did you hit upon such an idea?

Nicolas seems to always be busy.

Saify said he would come, but he never showed up.

However, we can be people of the earth.

A good workman always takes care of his tools.

Triantaphyllos doesn't seem to remember me.

Have you completed your homework?

Next time bring me that book without fail!

I'm just a little busy right now.

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No notice was taken of his efforts.


It's two blocks from here.

Do you like going to work?

Unless we find some way to drum up more business, bankruptcy will be our only option.

I have butterflies in my stomach.

Why didn't you come visit me?

It seems unlikely that the train will arrive on time.

Louis said that he was aware of the ongoing conspiracy.

You are my hero.

Don't count on him.

Pravin would like nothing more than to leave.

Don't think that I'm going to let you get away.

What would your dream home look like?

My legs are weak.


I'm afraid that's it.