Marketing the best marketplace in Switzerland

We at Okiano marketing made it our priority to promote the best marketplace in Switzerland, available for all. It provides an accesible bulletin board where anyone can advertise anything. and we promote it.
Find your okiano.ch comunity at Okiano Groups.

Our Story

Okiano Marketing is dedicated to promote the free community online Okiano Mobile marketplace in Switzerland.

Okiano Marketplace
Okiano Market is designed as a social community bulletin board. The marketplace provides you with access to the community in a new way. Visit the marketplace to find items exchanged by members of the community. Lookup people profile on Facebook and other networks and know who you are dealing with.
Okiano Groups are made for communities. you can create a special group around a topic to attract members of the community to exchange items of your interest. gaming table to see what people are advertising.

“Advertise and Find anything you need abroad”

Okiano Team
Visit groups about your interests and see what is available. Advertizing is simple with a screen-swipe advertisements.
Advertise your home, furniture, used bicycle and Ski equipment to help fellow community members.

Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Thomas Edison
Our Flea Market is the place to find anything. Step in and be surprised with what other people are giving away.
Once you start you can't stop. Advertise your stuff, give away things you don't need and make others happy.

About Okiano Market

Connect, Exchange, experience, give and get. Share in the community.

Swiss Marketplace
Okiano Market offers you a service to connect in Switzerland and at your community. Login with Facebook for people to see your profile and enhance the marketplace with trusted members. You can list, discover, and exchange anything with others in the community.
Okiano.ch allows you to publish anything, and lets you connect safely and reliably with others. You can create groups to share items based on interests and invite your friends. You can decide on the audience for your advertisements by simply checking your ad to be published at all of the groups where you are a member.

Join your Community

Join your marketplace. Use your Facebook or Google login and start sharing. Find gear, tips, events, homes, cars...

Create a Group

Create and manage an Okiano.ch Group. You will be responsibile for its topic and Contents, approve new advertisements and accept members. Groups can be made Secret or Public as you may wish to set them up.

Start Sharing!

Offer your help, find Books, Home, Room-mate, car, furniture... you name it - its here. Anyone can share and fins anything on www.okiano.ch