You run very fast.

Tickets are free online at

I heard it was pretty exciting.

Take some bottles of water to the meeting room.

He was so cranky last night.

Twice and thrice had I loved thee before I knew thy face or name.

Nora is different from other boys.

You didn't see this one coming, did you, Slartibartfast?

I hope you two are happy.

How many seats are there in this room?

We may never know who killed Frank.

They regarded him as the ringleader of the murder case.

He would sometimes study late at night when young.

Our problems are nothing compared to Guillermo's.

There was a large sound when I was reading a book.

She played the piano as promised.

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Thanks for letting me stay at your place.

Not tonight.

I don't want you working here.

The professor is making a phone call.

Rajarshi seems to have everything sorted out.

The car is green.

It's become very easy.

I've come up with a new set.

Both of my sisters are teachers.

Sanche didn't have any hair.

Two o'clock would be OK.

There's a dog barking there.

Many people lost their homes after the earthquake.

I don't shave my legs.

Nhan would like to talk with you about tomorrow's schedule.


Hirofumi's not a one-guy type of girl.

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That's expensive.

You think I'm stupid, don't you?

I have complete faith in you.

I forgot to do that.

I wish Aimee would hurry up.

Have you been arrested?

He heard the ill tidings without emotion.


Tell me exactly where he lives.

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What part of Australia do you come from?


Darrell took a commercial flight to Boston.


His income is too small to support his family.

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When it comes to politics, I know nothing.


He gave a rap on the door.


Jarmo could never forget the horror of the war.

She needs to lose a few pounds.

Whoever believes in him is not condemned.


How do I know that you're not going to do that again?


We're supposed to trust each other.

Suresh blamed the failure on Louise.

Blake's friend will have a colonoscopy tomorrow.


I work under her.


He took on extra workers.


Patrick is extremely untalented.

Guys, it's my time to go away.

He went fishing in a river near the village.


I thought you might feel the same way.

Some people still believe that the world is flat.

The small company was taken over by a large organization.

Nobody knows how I feel.

The events that led up to her present fame are quite dramatic.

He moved west to Nashville, Tennessee.

You're lucky nobody saw you leave.

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Friendship is the most precious of all.

Did you arrest them?

I just transferred from Boston.

She is attractive when she is dressed in white.

The maxim is so perfectly self-evident that it would be absurd to attempt to prove it.

I've used up my Q-tips.

When will the snow melt?


John stared at the picture.


That's very, very good.

I'll show my album to you.

He also speaks a little Greek.

Subjected to torture, he confessed to the crime that he hadn't committed.

Oil does not mix with water.

Gene agreed to work with us.

I stared into his eyes.


As a child, I loved picking peaches in my grandfather's garden.

Spanish is easy.

What is she so unhappy about?

I was looking for something.

You may take this.

You should plan to leave between 6:00 and 7:00.

The intern died after working for 72 hours without sleep.


The chances are that you can pass the test.


We can talk about it in the future.

We bought (it).

We'll go this afternoon.

Milk? Sugar?

The goal-keeper took his place at the goal.

I just got up.

"How much do you have on you now?" "Sorry, I didn't bring my wallet."


I would have been happier wearing a mask.

Nobody can convince me otherwise.

I am the one who knocks.

Did you talk to her?

It's not fair at all.


Raphael didn't want me to kiss him.

The Mozilla Foundation released the latest version of its email/news-client software, "Thunderbird" on May 1st.

If you follow this street, you will get to the station.


Brendan is the one who needs to do this.

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I'm not going back to Boston.

Has anyone left me a message?

I heard it was pretty exciting.

We yelled at her, asking her to pay attention.

A good daughter will make a good wife.

Are there young people who speak your language?

I went there to talk to them.

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Classes are over.


What a delay!


I'll send a letter to my mother.

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He is still alive.


He's flying on a winged horse.


Clifford had just one word to cut so that out of this sentence, forever, disappeared our Dale.

I don't think it ever works.

Who would know that?


Jussi doesn't know all the facts.


This morning it was raining when I took the bus.

Don't respond.

I hope you like spicy food.

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Everything has two sides: the good side and the bad side. Unfortunately, we usually see only one of them.

Food is not love.

I'm going with Ken. He is cool, gentle and smart. What's more, he is single!

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The child pointed out her mother to me.


What's Brendan doing in the basement?


You look very happy.

We all missed the target.

I should like to see the trees from which you picked these apples.


Marshall swims very fast.


Edmond had the munchies, but since there was nothing in the house to eat, he went to the convenience store not too far from where he lived.


I feel lonely in this town.


I'm afraid this isn't a good time for me.

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I wasn't sure if Sanjay had eaten yet.

I looked it up on the Internet.

Ronald does everything.

Is it true that you bit your sister?

What does she say?

I don't want to be like those people that lose their health in the search for money and then lose their money in the search for health.

We have to leave something to our children.


Mohammad wanted to turn over a new leaf.

I'm unfamiliar with that word.

My family is from Malaysia.

Mathematicians are like some Frenchmen: whatever you say to them they translate into their own language, and forthwith it is something entirely different.

The whole world will be mobilized to stop them.

I was forced to support his theory.

Her teacher advised her to read more and more novels.

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

The enemy approaches the town.


Come this way. It's shorter.


We'll be watching you.

I don't want you to date Saify.

The surgeon forgot something inside the patient.