It rained cats and dogs.

Let no one think that the expenditure of vast sums for weapons and systems of defense can guarantee absolute safety for the cities and citizens of any nation.

Turn around for a second, will you?

I thought you needed it.

He doesn't sleep.

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How did the new president deal with the problem?


Kamiya forgot the milk.

Is there any possibility of his resigning?

You got one right.

The two of them have grown apart.

That is not all together false.


Gretchen couldn't shake the feeling that Kris was hiding something from him.

This is what I found.

The temperature went down ten degrees.

I don't speak English as fluidly as Naomi does.

I took a paid day off yesterday.

The house stood out because of its unusual shape.

An insurance claim is a demand made by the insured for payment of the benefits as provided by the policy.

You cannot catch a heavy box with one hand.

Raymond is very particular.


I like English better than maths.

By plane, please.

Did the police even check Pamela's alibi?


I need to vent my anger.

Everyone seems to agree.

Between two stools one falls to the ground.

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I think my computer was a tad more expensive than yours.

Emily will recite the book.

Don't tell me you agree with Eric.

Let's stop finding fault with each other.

We're horrible.

Who was the leader of the expedition?

I was snacking.

Tammy is looking the other way.

She has a crush on Justin Bieber.

You have my blessing.

I don't know how to use this compass.

They lost the bet.

Several things are happening at the same time.

Avail yourself of this opportunity.

The tanker has only a small crew on board.

She is not merely beautiful but bright.

I'm very busy.

I speak three languages.

Their honesty is questionable.


I'd like it if you would cook dinner for me.

Do you have any other hotels you would recommend?

An essential condition for a helpful interview is a quiet room in which doctor and parents can sit comfortably and in private without being interrupted.


It is cruel to mock a blind man.

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I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt.


You hate this kind of stuff, don't you?

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This is brilliant.

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Are you looking for more neighbors?


Piete didn't really mean what he said, did he?


His father was a policeman.

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Luck and hard work are necessary if you want to advance in life.

We'll do our best to realize what we've planned.

He has got over the trouble.

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Recently, the dignity and importance of the Japanese father has diminished.

I want to walk.

I think that she knows the truth.

He who is present, is the vizier.

I can't keep track of our family budget.

Lars would've done the same thing I did.

Thanks for the pizza.

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The lesson being over, children ran out into the hall.

Jiro could not act otherwise.

The ship is bearing due north.

If necessary, I will come soon.

She went from one shop to another.

Why didn't you bring your wife to the party?

Leslie decided to take matters into his own hands.

Three civilians were wounded.

I thought she was angry at me because I didn't pay the bill in time.

Who says it isn't fixed?

It's confirmed they're donating rice to the orphanage next week.

Tor loved the book Lynnette gave him.

He wasn't ready for it.

As far as I know, he's an excellent student.

I thought it was excellent.

I should've sold my house last year.

She threw her sister out of her apartment.


It was very romantic.

I want to find out what kind of music Helen likes.

Culture is like a parachute: if you don't have it, you flop down.


Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.

I can see right through you.

You want to speak.


Isabelle is always too sleepy for sex.

I'm not sure about it.

Freedom is the essence of mathematics.


Matsushita commands respect from its competitors.


I don't know how he sleeps at night.

It's safer to stay here.

Good. Everyone's here.


I took a trip to Nikko last week.


What songs would be on your list?

Once there was an unfortunate forgetful guy named James who used to confuse Sunil with Maria all the time. For that, Maria hated him in every fibre of her being.

The secret got out.

We must always consider the public interest.

Christopher doesn't want to have to fight you.


I hope we will get to the bottom of this mystery together.

The cat was sitting on the window and the dog was barking outside.

He blamed his son for being careless.

There's no way that'll fly.

I made Ramsey leave his suitcase behind.


The company didn't admit liability.


How I love pineapples!

Is there anything you'd like to tell me?

She thought of a good way to make money on the Internet.

The alien shot his ray gun and blasted a hole in the spaceship's hull.

I've had the time of my life.


Would you like to come with us?


Two people riding on a bicycle at the same time is dangerous.

Will I go to hell if I don't go to church?

Her son is a jet pilot.

What a good swimmer he is!

I still haven't found my keys.


Celia said that the mistake was due to an oversight.


Narendra is looking more and more like his father every day.


The evidence is laid out before us. Considering that, together with the fact that he has no alibi, there's no question that he's the guilty one.


Translating wears a person out.

Is it your car?

Nick owes me ten dollars.

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I'm tough.


You can't scare me.

Don't take me seriously. I'm only joking.

Water is indispensable to us.

Female driver, constant danger.

I still have some work that has to be done.

No, you may not.

We just got here yesterday.

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You have to let me talk to Chuck.


I don't need a doctor.

You knew I knew.

The croaking frogs inspired tremor in Spudboy.


I believe the prince is merely prentending to be mad in order to gain time to make a decision about killing the king.

He is friendly to us and wants our help.

Shahid didn't want to kill anybody.


Some of the girls in our class don't have boyfriends.

O time, suspend your flight!

Swamy asked Clayton if she wanted to go abroad.


I don't think you really want to do that.


Masanao was playing hard to get.

Are you high?

I'm trying to move on with my life.

Mosur doesn't yet know what I want to do.

In spite of the rain, we enjoyed our holiday.

It looks nice.

Their friendship quickly turned into love.

The color of that tie does not match the suit.

I don't know how to use an art file (.art).

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I think Jason is too young to wear makeup.


It's more than a hundred years old.

Go figure.

I'm big on semantics; I always want to try to understand as much nuance as possible!