I had him come while I was still in bed.

I'm going to keep on going.


She always wears flashy clothes.

Who's in charge of the school kitchen?

You can win all the battles yet lose the war.

I tried to repair his damaged prestige.

My hobby is writing stories.

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It needs to be perfectly symmetrical.

She was susceptible to colds.

It's got to be a mistake.

Amarth isn't going back with you.

That's all I care about.


Curiosity got the better of Takeuchi.

He sat next to the river.

I don't think this is a problem.

I thought Kevyn would take Bryan out for dinner.

Carter looked back and smiled at Carter.


My executive assistant, Herve, will get the answer.

I concentrated my attention on the lecture.

We're ready for anything.


The Shetland Islands are part of the United Kingdom.


I know what Ginny is talking about.

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My name is very rare in my country.

They aren't happy to see you.

Gretchen is watching 'Touched by an Angel'.

Everything is going to be OK.

They ended capitalism and built a socialist society.

You don't have to buy water, do you?

I must find out who is behind this.


I'm proud to be a Canadian.

Why did you leave the class yesterday?

Annie was given detention for talking during class.

I'll do it by all means.

I was dizzy.

You've got to trust me on this.

An automobile has four wheels.


I'm working on something.

I had planned to leave for New York the next morning.

It's quite clear to me that this is the truth.

This watch is my father's.

Onlookers see most of the game.

I want to go there.

I stretch before exercising to prevent injury.

The girl broke into tears.

Rusty used to be cooperative.

I had to give Ramesh a little help.

What do you have in your bag?


Sedovic pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

I closed the window for fear that the baby should catch cold.

On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good and not quite all the time.

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The girl said she was going shopping with her mother, ignoring what she was told.


My favorite singer is Mariah Carey, too!


Taken altogether, the President's record isn't half bad.


My mother hates watching television.


Their finest moment is their last appearance on stage.

It is worthwhile to read this novel.

We got lost in the fog.

Composting is important.

I'm not sure what to do now.

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Guy said good morning to me.


I want him beaten up.


Are mangroves abundant in the Pantanal?

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This is the first time I've ever whistled in the classroom.

Ichiro sounded somehow upset but my long years of hanging out with him told me that it was out and out fake.

Scot probably wants to eat some Chinese food.

We couldn't hide our tracks.

He prided himself on his self control.

Thank you for the necklace.

I wanna go to Japan.

Everyone must keep the law.

"Was there a girl in the gym?" "Yes, there is."

His conduct is open to grave objection.

In your view, can we judge other people's religion or not?

I didn't intend to cry today, but I did.

Which do you prefer, Coke or Pepsi?

He is not a smoker.

I'm learning.


The Gospel of John was probably written about fifty years after its predecessor.

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She's worried as it's been many months since she heard from her son.

I'm glad you were able to meet Bonnie.

Someone is up.


Soon the sound died away.

I've always liked that about Gigi.

Clever ideas often chase me, but I'm faster!


A son was born to the couple.

I heard it on the radio.

That was three weeks ago.


She shot a dog.


I doubt her words.


"What was your impression when told that you had won the Nobel prize for literature?" "Sincerely, I'd been waiting for that announcement for thirty years."

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I'll have Carole mow your lawn.


Are your grandchildren here in Boston?

Why did you begin without me?

I know Saad is very interested in swimming.

You never can tell what might happen if Mario meets Nicolo.

This is well good.

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I don't want to put it down.


Miriamne slid the envelope full of money across the table to Toby.

Now let's celebrate.

He is a teacher, as is clear from his way of talking.

Everyone loves puppets.

To see the sunrise from a mountaintop is a delight.


She is almost as tall as you are.

She promised me that she would clean my room.

Certain values make people American.

This railing is not as stable as it could be.

I knew it would make Kris happy.


When he was a student, he went to the disco only once.

He wasn't part of the scandal.

This is not a toy!

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A dog is barking.

Greece is not alone!

It is Pochi's food.


Did Kieran say what it was about?

Unfortunate things are likely to happen if you insist on acting this way.

That shouldn't be so difficult.

I think it's a wonderful idea.

You have a lot of books.


The man you saw yesterday is my uncle.

Dad's in an impatient mood today.

How many teeth does a crocodile have?


I am to take over my father's business.

I didn't expect Juergen to ask me that kind of question.

You seem a little unsure of yourself these days.

I can't believe I actually wanted to marry you.

Susanne never even opened the book.


I warned you not to come here.

Tutankhamun was the son of Akhenaten.

I shall endeavor to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality.

Are you broad-minded?

The trade imbalance bulks large in our minds.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

You really do play tap dance quite well.

My heart aches for those starving children.

There are two ways of doing this.


Nothing special is planned.


The crowd poured out through the gate.

Wade said that the house was haunted.

Do as I told you to do.

Here, try my pen.

Mariou isn't sympathetic.

Every function should have comments describing its purpose in order to avoid confusions.

Do you know sign language?

All of a sudden, he proposed to me.

It is a shameful fact that, while there are lands where people suffer from hunger, within Japan there are many households and restaurants where much food is thrown away.

We see so much advertised about happiness, but practically speaking, we see so few happy people.

Thanks for accepting my friend request on Facebook.

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Seenu doesn't use drugs.

He is a singer.

I used to not be able to do this.


I think Lynne is patient.

Olaf managed to find a place to sit.

Thanks so much for coming here to help me with my speech, Hurf.


I wasn't sure what to do.

I found the missing piece of your necklace.

I'd hoped to convince you to stay a little longer.

Fashions grow old and die.

I forgot my whatchamacallit in the taxi.