I agree with them on this.

Koalas are more popular than kangaroos.

I'm sure I can persuade him.

She doesn't like to use a writing brush.

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Who's that girl?


You're way too late.

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We couldn't hear what Werner was saying.


Phill wishes that he could be a better French speaker.


Can you promise me you won't do that?

Did you find a partner?

Hardworking people succeed in life.


I'm teaching Basque.


They followed their leader blindly.

When Dewey finds out what happened, he won't be happy.

The economy has entered a recession.

I took the train from my city to Tokyo and the ride lasted several hours.

If he were a wise man, he would not have his son idle.

Reid wasn't busy at all.

It seems like it might rain this afternoon.

She forgot to feed her dog.

He promised not to tell.


His brother bullied me.

He put on his coat and left the house.

I appreciate everything you've done.

I had a feeling that Kris was in trouble.

He uncorked the bottle.

She made a new suit for him.

Piercarlo can tell me what happened when he gets here.

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She gave all her time to the study.

Can you really speak French?

I'm getting farsighted as I get older.


Nobody is allowed to leave the classroom until the bell rings.

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I'd like to strangle him.

The choice is yours.

He gone, Sofia remained thus alone in this sentence.

Who will they elect?

I refuse to do it.

He interviewed the suspect today.

I have a couple of friends who used to live in Boston.

Let's do this as a first step.

The law is meant to be circumvented.


Winston thought Sidney was happy.


It made me strong.

I am not such a fool but can appreciate it.

They gave up.

I wonder what materials the garment is made of.

Don't do something stupid.

Shean doesn't speak French as fluently as Maria.

I have to help my mother.

He gets angry over trivial things.

There is no time to lose.

The library is temporarily closed to the public.

Hey, let's eat some ice cream afterwards.

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Show me where Dan is in this picture.


I don't care who wins.

You have my word on it.

Ken makes his own bed every morning.


Your beauty turns me pale.

Great! Let's get together sometime.

I found it difficult to understand what he was saying.


You may take photos outside this museum, but not inside.

Charlie usually eats much less than Rogue does.

Life is very short.

There was blood in the syringe.

You're welcome to write to me.

I need to ask you something.

We kept quiet.

Let me give you directions.

And now, I suppose you want me to buy you a new one.

Matthieu isn't the only one who thinks Francis's cute.

It's not my decision, so we have to accept it.

Someone must have left the water running.

She went out to look for a taxi.


I'd advise you to stop doing that.

I pushed Norman into the water.

Leo is normal, isn't he?


Troy was plastered.

There is no external influence in that.

Hank is worried about Gregge.

He is afraid of making mistakes.

The journalist wanted to write an article that would draw public attention to the issue.


The situation could only be settled by war.

He divorced her after years of unhappiness.

Jeannie seems very nervous.

That's yesterday's news.

I gotta keep on movin'.

I don't think Josip is the philosophical type.

I'm related to him.

Kelly wouldn't have it any other way.

Jean didn't have much time for studying.


Where can I leave my bicycle?

Aren't you going to say goodbye?

All at once the bride burst into laughter.

She won first prize in the speech contest.

I was entirely ignorant of the matter.

This is the house they bought.

Carrots are good for the eyes. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses on?

The events unfolded just as she predicted.

Natraj would want me to help you.

Brendan has baked a pie for dessert.

Drew's parents were teachers.

Please put it on the scale.

The relationship between husband and wife should be based on love.

Carole glanced around the room.

What do you want me to do about it?

Do you think I could talk to Marie?

Which one of Japan's historical characters do you identify yourself with?


I'm not racist, but...

Raise your hand before you answer.

I need something for vomiting.


Caleb isn't very talented, is he?

Don't worry. I'll be here the whole time.

Hearing this song after so long really brings back the old times.

This is a quiet street.

His work was anything but disposable.


I also enjoy writing a lot.


Bryce didn't cut Isaac any slack.

When Mr Jones gets old, he will hand over his business to his son.

Someone broke into Masanao's flat and stole her jewellery.


A mother's love is unconditional.

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If you're willing to go that far, then even death sounds like a better way.


Per exchanged her camera for a guitar.

I think we lost him.

Baby birds generally can't take to the air until they are several weeks old.

The crowd went berserk.

Evelyn wasn't aware that anything out of the ordinary had occurred.


I was compelled to sign the paper.

I wasn't able to finish my homework on time.

We all need to learn to deal with this situation.

When Sneezy wasn't sneezing, he would start hiccupping.

We haven't received the telegram.

It's Farouk I want to talk to.

I think you'd know the reason for that better than I do.

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I can tell virtue and vice apart.


Go risk your head and think a thought which until now no one has had; go risk your step and walk a path which until now no one has trod; so that Man may build himself, and not be made by anyone or anything else.

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Terrance is pretty good.

Sedovic doesn't remember Bert.

Are you happy in your house?

I knew I had been there.

I don't think I have enough money.

They decided to enter the room.

You can stay the night here; there is no problem.


I think we should wait for Aaron.

Do you know someone who can help?

It's a shame Edward couldn't make it to your party.

Have you ever lived in a big city?

Don't you believe in miracles?

Raymond was condemned to death.

I'm going to Kyu's tonight.

Draw me the Pareto curve.

Mehrdad tried to hide his smile.

It's a perfect day for a picnic.

My birthday is in October.

Did you know that Brett is planning on moving to Boston?

Terms like "sexism" are now in vogue.

I hope you two are happy.

I'd like to visit you next week. What day of the week would it be convenient for you?

They were obsessed with detail.

We don't have time to help them.

If you were to be given a million yen, what would you do with it?

I'm tired of listening to him.

Colin didn't say anything about how the party went.

Have you ever repaired a TV?

Could you hold on for just a second?

I know that you know.


Irving snuggled down in his bed.