Shall I come for you?

That's how I got started.

Cris will drive you to the airport.

My watch didn't cost as much as yours.


That dog has been barking 'Ruff-ruff-ruff-ruff!' all day long.


Talk shop to someone else.

Do you like the way you look?

Their divorce is much talked about in their neighborhood.

Did Paula study for today's test?

Tell me who helped you paint your garage.

Sam told the doctor that he felt no pain.

I can't help you unless you tell me the truth.

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A car in itself is neither good nor bad; it depends on the driver.

Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you next week!

Carsten didn't pass the exam, did he?


It's my first time.

They trust her.

You can't control me.

He nodded to me as he passed.

No weapons were found.

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She smiled at herself in the mirror.

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The boat was tied to the shore by a cable.

Mac asked Kristin if she was coming with him.

The potter's lost his cunning.

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Here are the gifts.

My older brother is an authority on philosophy.

I have a couple of friends who used to live in Boston.

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The food is good, but you could have added a bit more salt.


How did you get him to laugh?

"I can speak a bit of German. 'Das ist fantastisch!'" "Haha, wunderbar." "Wunderbar." "Even the locals sound better when they speak German, okay?" "Haha, is nobody gonna get my accent?" "No, not really, 'cause, you know..." "To be honest, I only learned my German from watching DVDs when I was younger." "Hahaha, be sure to send me those DVDs!"

I'm supposed to be here all afternoon.

There are six nominees for this year's prize.

Honey, are you here?

I felt a chill when I went out of the house.

Rodger doesn't like driving in Boston.

My father bathes before eating.

He was burning up with fever.

Did you tell them to do that?

I am glad to run into you here.

I didn't understand a word that guy said.

A lone sailboat is sailing against the wind.

Could you give this to Pete?

What did the pilot say?

What do you want to do with this old chair?

"Have you seen Evelyn today?" "No, I haven't."

I'm giving it to you.

Learning languages is interesting.

Dimitry has lived in Boston for most of his adult life.

There haven't been any problems so far.

These are yours.

Do you have time?

I am afraid I ate something bad.

We don't know what caused the fire.

I lost ten kilos in three months.

Audrey went to Boston on Monday.


The doctor operates two days a week.

He has money, but he's not happy.

The soldiers left for the front.

When was the last time you took a chance?

Why are you so sure Todd is wrong?


Fatigue showed on her face.

I went to the hospital to visit him.

Everyone came except for Marco.

Eventually, he returned the sword to its sheath.

I have never met you in person.


This makes me laugh to death!


I'm probably spending more now.

How stupid of me to do so!

We arrested him.

I'm sick and tired of all the petty squabbling among politicians.

Do you want to get some dinner?

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Please wash your hands after using the bathroom.

God knows what he was thinking.

I just haven't been able to reach Doyle.

Will you send someone go get a doctor?

Tollefsen left Kieran behind.

He fled when he saw the police patrol.

We will check to see if what you have said is really the truth.

I wasn't organized enough.

She's not a liar.

While in Sweden, he had a Swedish girlfriend who taught him Swedish, then he married her.

Let's pretend we're happy together.

Amir was moody.

Tell me how you feel about them.

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Suwandi ran on the treadmill.


I have studied Portuguese for two months.


You shouldn't eavesdrop.

Hearing Spanish makes me think of beautiful tropical destinations.

One hundred dollars is just chicken feed.


I have a feeling you're going to get your wish.

Raul closed the venetian blinds.

I know you're complaining about your car being totaled but it's just a good thing you weren't injured. You should be thankful to be alive.

Carolyn and Brent recognized each other.

I was distracted by those protesters outside.

I give John the apple.

Son unclogged the drain.

It is next to impossible to make him stop smoking.

I will have him call you the moment he gets back.


Kerri is correcting exam papers.

He is not honest at all.

Can you translate those documents for me?

Did you go abroad for pleasure or on business?

The sales of this model took off.

He was proud of his school record.

Many restaurants now have free Wi-Fi.

He has been struck by lightning three times.

There was nothing to do but wait until the next morning.

Sundaresan gives up too easily.

He is accurate in his observation.

There's one thing I don't understand.

Even when you think about it in a very commonsensical way, a life without laughter is gloomy and cold. Furthermore, it is thought to be unhealthy.

He's with me.

How could anyone do that?

Where would you like me to park the car?

Do you have a hobby, Lou?

Aimee came home looking exhausted.

Eli knows exactly what Sergiu wants.

I thought you had learned that by now.

I object to that summation; it was entirely too short.

I'll catch up with you soon.

You don't live here, do you?


It used to be that a girl could only marry if she had a dowry.

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Don't go anywhere without us.


I wish you'd stop calling me so late at night.

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Don't let them fool you.

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Jeffie shot her.


I wish everyone would go home.

It is certain that he is wrong.

Did you pack any food?

I am looking for a house.

It's a very serious crime.

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When did you notice that?

The bed creaked again.

We will separate our home's large land equally for our children.

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We have to wait until Sir gets here.

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Come here and help me.


If you want, you can easily do it.

Is there a swimming pool near your house?

You'd better eat something.

Hello, what's that? Somebody doing street theatre or something?

Just stick around a few days and you'll come to love this place.

Except for the weather, it was a great picnic.

All big cities have transportation problems.


Is Barney looking for them?

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We can't let anybody know we're here.

The tyrant's heart melted with compassion.

Beauty is a letter of recommendation which it is almost impossible to ignore.

Jeff asked me to read him some poems.

Wait just a minute.


If you changed your hair, you could look 10 years younger.

It's very unlikely that I'll be adding anything new to my website anytime soon.

It's been a bad week for us.

This could become a big problem.

She lives with her parents.

This smokestack is releasing greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

I hate drama.

Who found you?

Invite him to come watch a movie.

He boasted about his new camera.

I feel flattered.

Does that make any sense to you?

I will judge whether it is superior or not.

Stanislaw is watching.


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Meehan is a beginner.

Herbert is so predictable.

"My wife is in her fifth month and she tends to have such bad moods that it's not even rational." "Fine, so what's the question?"