What we do?

Food Safety

We are producing non-toxic agricultural products for society and are promoting organic farming, natural farming, zero input farming for environmental care.

Contract Farming

We are doing contract and mutual farming to fill the gap between demand and supply of agricultural products.

Agritech and Innovation

We provide technical solutions in the agricultural industry by the Farm Management System, Financial Risk Support, Data Analytics, Technical Tools and equipments.

Crop Insurance

We consider the farming as a business and provide financial support and risk cover by crop insurance.

Soil Testing

We do soil testing and provide analysis report to track the nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics such as the acidity or pH level.

Plant Doctor

We diagnose the diseases in plants and crops so that the disease cannot spread further.

Market Connect

We provide a marketing platform to the farmers where they can connect with national and international buyers from their field.

Ware House

We have a large network of warehouse and storage infrastructure in the local area.


We provide delivery and distribution of products by supply chain network at the right time in the right market.

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  • We are agri-commerce company and build up a communication network between farmer and market where farmers increase their profits by right production at right market with the help of technology to uplift their life hood. We at Agriyo helps all levels starting from the origination, processing and distributing it in the market where and what is needed. Our journey has started in 2016 with vision “Power to Farming” by making farmer aware of demand and supply of agri food products which helps to increase the productivity and moreover distribution of the end product in the right market.