I have nowhere else to turn.

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This house of ours has just been redecorated, and we haven't lived here for sixth months.


I don't want to spoil the ending!

Several scenes have been cut from the original.

The window is open.

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I only heard three chimes.

Rumors of defeat were abroad.

Harris took out his wallet and paid the bill.

Your proposal is a bit extreme.

Language is a fundamental problem of international marriage.

We are the new owners.

Nobody saw me.


Into the world there has come a new feeling.

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You don't have anything to worry about.

Let's go someplace warm.

What would you do if your house was haunted?

I am a vibrant, very young woman!

We got to Boston yesterday.

It seemed to me that beauty was like the summit of a mountain peak; when you had reached it there was nothing to do but to come down again.

Would you like us to leave?

When shall we leave for the party?

Do Bill and Vladislav get along?

The coffee was so hot that I nearly burned my tongue.

Mac got on the crowded elevator.


Ramanan is smart and curious.


I wasn't avoiding you.

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Set this aside for me.


I was sad to lose a friend.

I didn't have a bad time either.

You look content.

They end up with clean dirt.

That'll help.

Why don't you leave them?

If John had come, I wouldn't have had to come.

I didn't help him escape.

You shouldn't have your eyes bigger than your belly.

The investigation is under way.

There's a big sign.

If long-term beds are reduced, then it won't be possible to do that and normal sickbeds will also be adversely affected.

Kit put his wig back on.

Put Karen to work.

I'll think about what I did.

Who's ready for more?

One must be careful about free advice.

As is often the case with him, he cheated in that exam.

This restaurant has pilaf.

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The fork is bent.

I have not been studying for two days.

I have enough money.


We had to learn to read the word.

We have that in common.

Specifically, I'm a university lecturer.

At which university are you studying?

Ahmet said he wanted to hear the truth.

The section chief keeps him down.

Kieran's paper lacks any citations.

She wouldn't let him in the room no matter what.

Srinivas is moving away.


What time yesterday was the concert?

Go ahead, give America all your hard earned money.

Mikael burst into the room with a rifle.

I just want to crawl into a hole and never come out.

"He looks like your father." "What?"

I fell asleep while I was watching TV.

I want to gain time.

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Jakov's mother gave birth to a most creative and positive being.


You aren't fooling me.

He shows partiality to no one in particular.

It's an older version but it shouldn't matter.

She takes after her father.

Learn these words, one by one.


She lives on the ground floor.

Cristina's love for Lea probably won't last.

I change my mind a lot.


How long was Tandy in the water?

I took a look at one.

I'll listen to whatever you have to say.


I feel like I'm dying.

Please help yourselves to the drinks.

Are you enjoying the holidays?

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Call her at 3.

What a gorgeous flower!

Nou got angry with Lord.

You should arrive at school before nine.

We noticed that.

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I moved a chess piece on the board one forward.

Robert didn't say how much it cost.

I quit while I was ahead.

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When she was young, she participated in the student movement of anti-authoritarianism.

That was obvious.

Barrett said he would wait.


Don't be coy.

The aerial on our radio needs fixing.

When did you begin to learn French?

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The police are looking into his disappearance.

I'm practically an adult.

Who invented the telephone?

She mounted the horse.

Give me three ice creams, please.


I had to deal with them.

"Does Roland have a girlfriend?" "I don't know; that is of no importance to me."

My father is taking a walk in the park.


Omar's patience was exhausted.

It's strange that you ask me for a motorcycle when you are afraid of going by bike.

His vain efforts to seduce her showed he was barking up the wrong tree; she was a mother of two tots.

I'm not going out on a limb for you because you never helped me before.

Thank you for the donation.

Did you ever hear the like of it?

This is the best time of year.

What time do you think you'll get to Boston?

I couldn't eat another bite.

What were they arguing about?

If I were him, I wouldn't put up with it.

She will have a child next month.

You were with me on that night.

A tall tree projects its long shadow on the water.

In any industry a reputation can make or break people.

Robot voices are really creepy to me.

The audience clapped when the concert was over.

Today I picked up my four-year-old nephew from kindergarten.

I told her I was busy.

I can't imagine anybody would be surprised if Kinch didn't show up at the party.

Angela Merkel is a German politician.


Has he failed again?

Comparisons are difficult.

Let's not be naive.


Turn down the television.

We are living in the age of nuclear power.

Rather than light-hearted and cheerful men, I'm attracted to sober men with a bit of a dark side to them.

There was broken glass on the floor.

Sadako watched the sun lowering in the west and became blind.

There is more than enough room for improvement.

We don't have enough friends.

War broke out in 1941.

Where should I go on vacation?


In space, no one can hear you scream.

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure when Ravindranath arrived.

They came from far away.

He had to call for his friend's help.

Come what may, I will not break my word.


Japan is highly competitive in high technology industries.

We've met only once.

Julie cleared off the table.


This cyclist is injured.

We have lived in the U.S. for ten years now.

Cary was shocked by the news that his father had had a heart attack.

Since the drug company had selected only favourable or neutral research reports to submit to the government for approval, and had failed to disclose any data from those studies which had shown the experimental drug to be harmful, the company was perceived to be unethical, and many lawyers believed that lawsuits were now in the offing.

I can respond to his question.


We know what to expect now.


I will make every effort to get it.


Well then, I'll have chicken.

I don't think that anybody knows the answer.

Cathryn didn't seem interested in what Suresh was saying.

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Bea married into money.

The queen reigns, but does not rule in England.

Do not touch the console or connected accessories during an electrical storm.

Convenience stores and supermarkets can sell medicine since 2009.

Am I under arrest?

Singapore has one big problem.

I know all about the situation.

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What's the minimum salary in Sweden?

Darrell disappeared into the mist.

Please stop that right now.

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Anyway, it's my problem.